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Heidi Malano


I am a certified yoga teacher, group fitness instructor and personal trainer. While I love motivating others to reach their fitness goals, in 2006, I decided to reach a personal fitness goal, which was to make it to the stage of Ms. Fitness USA. I continued to compete for five years and was encouraged to try different training regimens to achieve the results I wanted for a strong and healthy body. While I discovered how to be strong on the outside, it wasn’t until 2011, when I discovered yoga and began to understand what it was to truly be healthy on the inside, too. I fell in love with the practice on and off the mat and earned my 200-hour certification, so I could begin sharing and teaching something I admired so much. In 2012, I created Yoga Kicks®, a special exercise program to enhance a yoga practice. Yoga Kicks® helps to develop core and abdominal strength to assist with arm balances and inversions; create muscular endurance and stamina to assist with the body’s ability to not fatigue as quickly when holding poses or flowing; and to build upper body strength, which is not as easy to achieve in a yoga-only regimen. In 2015, I earned another 300-hour certification with renowned teacher John Salisbury. My yoga classes definitely include a bit of fitness, while still staying true to the beautiful practice. 


Yoga Kicks 

  • Creator and Instructor  

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)

  • Group Exercise Instructor Certification
  • Personal Fitness Trainer Certification


  • TRX Suspension Training  


  • 500 Hour RYT - Dave's Ashtanga Authentic Yoga Teacher Training (Scottsdale, AZ)

International Sports Medicine Association (ISMA)

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Pilates

Reebok U

  • Rep Reebok (strength and endurance training)
  • Reebok Core Training for Personal Trainers
  • Indoor Cycling


Ms. Fitness Flex Appeal International 2010 (1st Place) 

NPC 2009 Western Regional "Figure A" (4th Place) 

Ms. Fitness USA 2011 (5th Place) 

Ms. Fitness USA 2009 (3rd Place) 

Ms. Fitness USA 2008 (4th Place) 

Ms. Fitness USA 2007 (2nd Place) 

Ms. Fitness World 2011 (11th Place) 

Ms. Fitness World 2009 (13th Place) 

Ms. Fitness World 2008 (11th Place) 

Ms. Fitness World 2007 (8th Place) 

Ms. Fitness Colorado 2006 (1st Place) 

Ms. Physique Colorado 2006 (1st Place)

 FAP FIGURE Hollywood 2007 (5th Place)  

FAP FITNESS Hollywood 2007 (12th Place)  

Top 10 Most Stunning Fitness Athletes (Obsession Fitness, August 2009)

Oxygen Magazine Future of Fitness