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A great workout doesn’t require big gym equipment. It only requires you! With my in-home personal training, I will bring the workout to you, so you are exercising in the comfort of your home and getting the results you want. Each workout is customized for you, so you can reach your fitness goals. 



Whether you are new to yoga or you've been practicing for many moons, rolling out your mat in the comfort of your home is a lovely way to practice. Each session will be unique to your needs, whether you are hoping to improve flexibility, gain strength, or explore the spiritual side of yoga through guided meditation. 

ZENergy Boot Camp

This isn't your ordinary boot camp. With my love for both fitness and yoga, my boot camps include a little bit of everything to build a strong body and mind. From burpees to bakasana, my boot camp workout blends the dynamic elements of fitness with powerful yoga poses to give you everything you need – core, cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. (Classes will be held outdoors)


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