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I am passionate about fitness and it is my goal to make YOU passionate about it, too! Fit Passion doesn't mean unrealistic diets or endless hours in the gym. Fit Passion means moving, breathing, and being in the moment with whatever you are doing. It's about balance. Variety. The yin and the yang of life. Everybody and every "body" is so uniquely special, and it is simply about discovering what is best for you...when you find it, when you feel it, when you see it, that is YOUR Fit Passion!

Fit Passion is obtainable when you build a strong body and mind. Contact me today and together we will ... Make FIT Happen!



Camelback Village
Cardio Yoga - Wednesday 6pm
Hi-Octane Cardio - Thursday 6pm
Power Yoga Flow- Monday 6am/ Monday 6pm/ Thursday 5:30am
Boot Camp - Wednesday 6am
Spin - Monday 7:15am / Friday 7:15am

Gainey Village
Power Yoga Flow- Tuesday 4:30pm


TRX Classes at Camelback Village...on the rooftop by reservation.
Contact the front desk.



Yoga Kicks combines yoga with kickboxing, strength training, aerobics, and high-intensity intervals to bring you everything in 60 minutes -- core, cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility. From kicks and plyometrics to planks and isometric squats, you will FEEL THE BURN, BUILD THE STRENGTH, and DISCOVER THE CHANGES both physically and mentally. It's time to slip on your favorite kicks to Breathe, Burn, and Be.

Breathe - Warm-Up
Burn - Workout
Be - Stretch and savasana

As a yoga teacher, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor, it was my passion for both yoga and fitness that inspired me to create Yoga Kicks. While I created the class to help enhance a yoga practice -- building strength, stamina, and flexibility -- the class appeals to anyone interested in a wonderful workout to build lean muscles and burn calories. Furthermore, as a regular yoga practice isn't required to enjoy Yoga Kicks, I certainly hope it will inspire the non-yogi to roll out a mat more often to breathe, just as I hope it will inspire the yogi to slip on some kicks more often to burn.

~ Heidi Malano

Click here to watch YOGA KICKS on FOX 10 News