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I am passionate about fitness and it is my goal to make YOU passionate about it, too! Fit Passion doesn't mean unrealistic diets or endless hours in the gym. Fit Passion means moving, breathing, and being in the moment with whatever you are doing. It's about balance. Variety. The yin and the yang of life. Everybody and every "body" is so uniquely special, and it is simply about discovering what is best for you...when you find it, when you feel it, when you see it, that is YOUR Fit Passion!

Fit Passion is obtainable when you build a strong body and mind. Contact me today and together we will ... Make FIT Happen!

TRX Classes at Camelback Village...on the rooftop!

Saturdays at 10:45am ...sign-up at the front desk, as space is limited

Camelback Village
Yoga Kicks - Wednesdays 5:30pm
Yoga - Mondays 6am
Spin - Mondays 7:15am / Tuesdays 9am
TRX - Saturdays 10:45am
Cardio Muscle - Tuesdays 6pm / Saturdays 9:15am

Gainey Village
Spin - Wednesdays 9am

Arizona Country Club

HIIT - Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:30am
Power Yoga - Wednesdays & Fridays 5:30am
Personal Training and Private TRX sessions by appointment.



Video coming soon...

Often recognized as bringing "Muscle to the Mat," I attribute my strength and endurance to other programs, in addition to yoga. Therefore, by blending the dynamic elements of fitness into a yoga-inspired workout, I created YOGA KICKS, giving you everything you need in one class -- core, cardio, strength, balance, and flexibiity.

YOGA KICKS is designed around the Super Seven. These seven power moves and power poses make up the foundation of this full-body workout, which is also a full-body "work-in." The power moves will fire up the muscles, while the power poses, which are isometric intervals, will ignite that inner strength to help keep you grounded. The program is fun and effective, plus you get to wear your favorite pumped-up KICKS!

Click here to watch YOGA KICKS on FOX 10 News